Saturday, January 26, 2008

Peace and Dignity Journeys 2008/Trail of Tears

Every four years something very important takes place throughout North, Central and South America. I'm not speaking of Leap Year, I'm talking about the Peace and Dignity Journeys. This endeavor began back in 1992 and continues every four years with the cooperation, love and fortitude of many, many people throughout the north and south. This journey is about honoring the People, land and places important to all People of the Americas.

There are different branches or "routes" that will take place but the one that will be "close to home" here in Southern IL, is the Trail of Tears route. Runners will come from NC/TN through KY and into Southern IL on the ferry at Cave In Rock, after spending a couple of nights at Mantle Rock in Marion, KY. The route will follow IL Route #146 through Hardin, Pope , Johnson and Union Counties where the participants will spend a few days in the Anna Jonesboro area at the Two Feathers Sundance encampment. When the Sundance is over the runners will proceed on to MO and continue on to Tahlequah, OK.

As the coordinator for the area from Mantle Rock to Anna-Jonesboro, I hope to get many local people interested in the Peace and Dignity Journeys 2008. I have included a link to the PDJ website for general information (see column to right>>>). Anyone who would like to contact me for more information specifically about the Trail of Tears Route, please leave a comment here or send an email to :

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Well, it's 2008. Another Christmas has come and gone, another New Year is here.

What can I say...
The candidates (presidential) are on a roll and I'm already sick of all of them.
My husband has been right here, with me 24/7 for two (+) months. I am not
looking forward to retirement. I certainly hope and pray this new year will have
a lot more to offer in the way of work for hubby.
I am looking forward to spring time when we should have a new foal, that will
be exciting! Of course I look forward to spring for many reasons, warmth, new
growth, horseback riding and lots of green, green, green!

What can I say?
I can say that tomorrow is a new day in this NEW YEAR and I'll be happy to see
that NEW DAY. I am happy, and thankful for each new day I'm blessed with.

And so I once again remind all of you, as well as myself, to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH.
As much and as often as you possibly can.

My Cherokee Grandmother

My Cherokee Grandmother
Selva COX/Opal Nokomis SMITH Nolen

Enjoying the Ride

Enjoying the Ride
October 31, 2008

Daddy Cat, Jr.

Daddy Cat, Jr.
"You're blocking my light!"


Chester & Princess Out For a Ride