Sunday, March 25, 2007


I really believe that the grass has greened and the daffodils bloomed O_V_E_R_N_I_G_H_T!
My wisteria is about to pop, the redbud trees are ready to open and everything is about
to awaken once again. I have even noticed a couple of beautiful new foals in the neighborhood!
One other, slightly less exciting thing has also occured, the ticks are on the move. I really
dislike those little buggers more than I can express. I have already had two of them attached
to my skin after only one day working in the yard. Such is life. With the good there is also always
something a little less wonderful.

I just experienced another birthday. For some reason they just aren't as exciting as they were
when I was a teenager. I'll choose to keep having them however since celebrating yet another
year is much better than the alternative. Gray hair and wrinkles, no big deal! I have earned them.
(And I must have worked really hard for such a pay-off!)

Springtime is wonderful! The heat is turned off, don't need air conditioning yet and the birds are
so happy to sing all day long. The tree frogs are also very busy little guys, as are the owls, red-
tail hawks and coyotes. The awakening of Mother Earth is so beautiful!

Happy Springtime, Everyone!

My Cherokee Grandmother

My Cherokee Grandmother
Selva COX/Opal Nokomis SMITH Nolen

Enjoying the Ride

Enjoying the Ride
October 31, 2008

Daddy Cat, Jr.

Daddy Cat, Jr.
"You're blocking my light!"


Chester & Princess Out For a Ride